J1939 can Protocol

Anyone one know of a way to use the J1939 can protocol on the mangOH Red?

Try looking at: https://www.kernel.org/doc/html/latest/networking/j1939.html
on using over the kernel’s socketCAN implementation. Let us know if it works or if you have



I got everything setup but from some reason the sock/bind both fail and return a -1.

You should see what errno is coming back from the socket/bind system calls. I did a little more digging. I think you will have to backport some of the J1939 code to the 3.18 kernel that we are running. Elinux has the timelines: https://elinux.org/J1939 - as they state “SAE J1939 got in mainline kernel since v5.4”. If you do decide to do the backport, take note of this site to test your connection after the backport: https://github.com/linux-can/can-utils/blob/master/can-j1939-kickstart.md