Issue with DATA service and wifi


Nov 22 10:41:50 | dcsDaemon[707]/le_pa_dcs T=main | pa_dcs_linux.c pa_dcs_SetDefaultGateway() 568 | Default gateway or interface is empty
Nov 22 10:41:50 | dcsDaemon[707]/dcsDaemon T=main | dcsServer.c LoadSelectedTechProfile() 984 | No value set for ‘SSID’!
Nov 22 10:41:50 | dcsDaemon[707]/dcsDaemon T=main | dcsServer.c TryStartWifiSession() 1427 | Impossible to use Wifi profile, result -1 (LE_NOT_FOUND)
Nov 22 10:41:55 | wifiService[767] | | Failed to connect to non-global ctrl_ifname: wlan0 error: No such file or directory
Nov 22 10:41:55 | wifiService[767]/daemon T=main | pa_wifi_client_ti.c pa_wifiClient_Disconnect() 1118 | WiFi Client Command Failed: (24832)wlan0 WIFICLIENT_DISCONNECT
Nov 22 10:41:55 | dcsDaemon[707]/dcsDaemon T=main | dcsServer.c TryStopWifiSession() 1643 | Impossible to disconnect wifi client

why i got this log ?
some time data connection not happened with wifi.

please give me solution for this.


The Legato data connection service allows you to specify whether you want to try to connect to wifi or cellular first as a data provider. When connecting to wifi, the data connection service needs to know which SSID/passphrase to try.

Some of these parameters can be set in the “ConfigTree”. See the data connection service config tree documentation and the config command line tool documentation which can be used to get/set these values.


I want to connect with cellular data connection and want to disable wifi connect.
how can i do ?


It seems that the Legato data connection service doesn’t provide a way to disable a supported technology entirely. You can only set the rank of the technology using le_data_SetTechnologyRank(). You mentioned that “some time data connection not happened with wifi”. Does this mean that sometimes the data connection is successful with WiFi? If so, then you must have set the SSID and passphrase in the config tree correct?


i don’t know to how can i set SSID and passphrase ?. when wifi connection not happened that time my data connection was loss. some time wifi connection successfully and some time it not connected.
how can i set SSID and passphrase ?


Are you using the built in mangoh red wifi or IoT card?


I’ve the same issue. I’m using MangOH Red, with WP7702, from Orange Dev Kit.
I can establish data connection with nc command to anywhere, but not from my application

For Debug, I followed this procedure : Unable to connect to certain TCP port numbers
This procedure IS ONLY FOR DEBUG
But without any restriction on pitable, internet still be unreachable from my application…
But I can connect to a local server on my host computer @

The connection is impossible only when I try to connect outside.

I try to fully disable the WIFI, because I think that there are perhaps a conflit between cellular and WiFi , and for my application I need to be the lowest power that is possible.

Thanks for your help