Issue Connecting to MangOH green starter development kit


I just bought the MangOH green starter development kit.

Digikey MangOH green AirPrime® WP Series Development Kit

I haven’t got the WP module yet. It is in the process.

I was thinking to get started with the board and see If I can load program, play with GPIO and so on.

However, I am not able to connect to the board either via Ethernet cable (one end connected to the board and the other connected to my laptop) or via USB-Ethernet converter connected to kit at one end and other end of the Ethernet connected my laptop.

I tried IP but I can’t SSH from my windows machine.
I can’t even get successful ping responses from

The board is powered with external power supply and the power LED is green, there are no other LEDs on.

Do I must wait for WP module? or I am missing something very basic.


You cant do anything without the module.


Hi, I got the module, I installed it. However, I am clueless about how to talk to it.

I don’t have A SIM card but , I thought I will be able to login to the module over SSH using but I can’t ping that either.

I found the instructions below to upgrade the firmware of the module.

I installed the exe but It doesn’t do anything after installtion.
I also found the instruction where it talks about downloading driver

I don’t get where do I connect USB? is it USB male to male connector I have to connect the Dev kit to my windows machine?

I even tried connecting my router’s Ethernet cable to the KIT, but I don’t see any LED on the Ethernet port on either side.

This is very basic, my sincere apologies for bugging on this. But, I am stuck.
If you could provide me information about each step to get started that would be really appreciated.