Is there a YellowSensorToCloud?

Where would one find the Yellow equivalent to " RedSensorToCloud"?

I find no get-started projects available for the Yellow Platform.

Users intending to create new solutions around this platform will need something other than a binary for sensor dump for Octave only.

Appreciate any links or projects suitable to get custom firmware & software started with the Yellow platform…like something equivalent to RedSensorToCloud. A basic Legato project/app is needed.

Thanks for your time and links, suggestions, recommendations.


In the mangOH repository, there is apps/YellowSensor which contains a few apps that are in some ways similar to RedSensorToCloud. The YellowSensor apps don’t have any knowledge of the cloud side of things. They just expose the sensors to the DataHub app. Octave provides a cloudInterface app to bridge the DataHub content into Octave’s cloud services. You could write another app to bridge the DataHub directly into a different cloud. I believe Octave also has options for how to transfer your data between Octave and another provider although I don’t know much about the details of that.

@dfrey Thanks David,
I have not encountered any references to dataHub during my earlier review of the mangOH red (sensor data xfer to AirVantage, you may recall I ran headlong into the modem instability) and now with the Yellow - where everything seems locked into Octave. Some features of my application prevent use of Octave so I’m flailing about looking for a quick get-started-app (per my reference to redSensorToCloud) for the Yellow platform.

I have begun the research - but a brief dump on dataHub and it’s role would be most appreciated. Specifically how it can allow me to quickly xfer sensor data (onboard and new external sensors) to the network/Cloud and view/validate them there.

Thanks David,

Where are you ultimately trying to deliver your data to? I suggest reading the docs in the DataHub source code to get a feel for what it does. The one sentence version is: a central app which other apps can either send data to or receive data from.

Initially into the network and AT&T DataFlow ‘middleware’ ( whereupon I can parse it, validate it and then send it along to a variety of destinations.

…will review the docs…

@dfrey It appears that DataHub is a local exchange whereupon data from sensors is loaded and connectivity tools, Octave? collects and transfers those selected to the network. Is this correct?

So the Million Dollar Question: How does one exchange data with the device (Yellow) without Octave?

What are the steps to take data collected from sensors and send it to the Network?
Must a new bit of data or new sensor data be sent the DataHub?
Is Octave the API/layer that manages the Network connection and then based on User settings transfer those selected data elements?
If one doesn’t use Octave how does on manage connectivity and this data exchange?

It seems that low-level sensors and their data are obfuscated through DataHub and through Octave before you can get them to an accessible Network/Cloud layer. And I see no means how to perform these relatively simple tasks (reading new sensors, prepping and then sending into the Network.

Can one perform these tasks using the VScode configuration or must you use the command line?

I am currently doing an internship using a mangOH yellow.
On the one hand, I have to send data from mangOH yellow sensors to the cloud thanks to cellular communication. On the other hand, I have an IoT expansion card able to communicate via satellite. My goal is to implement, as a Legato application, an automatic switch application that would detect when the cellular network isn’t available, stop sending data via cellular and switch to satellite communication.

Thus, I need to do a “YellowSensorToCloud”, the cloud being Airvantage when the cellular network is available, and another online platform specific to the satellite system when it’s not.
What I need to know is : Can I use the same mechanism as the “RedSensorToCloud” code and just change the sensor part to something like YellowSensor ? Or is there anything else there is to think about with the mangOH yellow - or with the DataHub part?
Once my sensors’ data is in the DataHub, is there away to send the DataHub’s data to Airvantage, and to another platform if there’s no cellular network ?

Thanks for your suggestions and recommendations,


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What I’ve come to recently learn is that Airvantage is no longer - being replaced by Octave.
These are items I’m trying to clarify as well. Perhaps @dfrey can clarify these points for both of us.

For me: sending data from the device (must it be or is it best from Datahub?) to the network outside of or without using Octave.

@juliefiE yes, you can copy the mechanism in RedSensorToCloud.

@asyal Okay I’m confused. I was instructed that AirVantage is being (or has been) replaced/supplanted by Octave and is effectively EOL? …that RedSensorToCloud is also no longer viable. What is the expected life of AirVantage? Can one launch a new product series on AirVantage or is it suitable for prototyping/development only?

What are the actual details & facts ??

Can one direct data to AirVantage (if still viable with long life) or a Network location from Yellow outside of Octave?

There are a lot of conflicting data surrounding AirVantage & Octave and the required service-provider to access either.

We are in desperate need of clear and definitive details.

@mpetersen yellow allows connection to any cloud provider. We dont restrict it to any use case.
In this case, the developer wants to connect to AirVantage for test purposes(not commercial). It shows the community how a developer can connect to a different cloud infra.
To answer your question, you are free to connect to a different cloud infra if you wish to do so. An example application is from Atmosphere IoT which did so.

@asyal thanks for that.
Can you confirm then that I can connect via any Carrier (Cat-M1) and transfer data from the Yellow to a Network middleware layer - like AT&T’s DataFlow (from where it would move on to a public or private Cloud service)?

…and that this can be done without Octave?

Is there a Yellow example which provides connectivity and data transfer outside of Octave?

…to date everything appears dependent on Octave.

Your clarity is much appreciated.

Yes, you can connect via any carrier.

We dont have an example of connecting to a thrid party middleware. We do however provide firmware build without Octave where you can install your own SIM and test data connection. You will need to write to your own code.

Note Atmosphere IoT is an example of a company that connected to own middleware using Yellow:

I tried to do a YellowSensorToCloud but encountered issues with the YellowSensor part. I opened a new topic about that :
Feel free to help !

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