Is there a sample app using gpio pin?

I am using gpio pin using Iot#0.

However, even though I was referring to the Legato site and programming it, I kept failing.

The final goal is to use Serial Communicating by using RS-232 as a GPIO pin, but before that, simple LED control and switch control with a pin would be a great help.

I would appreciate it if you could give me directions to the place where such a source exists.

I don’t see UART is multiplexed with GPIO function in the PTS, so I don’t think you can make it as GPIO pin.

umm… I amended my question!! I just use Serial Communicating by using RS-232

You can use sysfs command to control gpio

I used the sysfs command, but I don’t know what api can be used to produce the desired output on the digital pin through which function call can be used.

gpioCf3Demo_GPIO_output.rar (2.7 KB)

You can use this app to control GPIO 13.

thanks jyijyi!! After I try to use this application, I reply again :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: