Is it possible to use wp7502 as a USB modem directly?


I have a mangoh green and a wp7502 inside connected to a linux PC. I can use the ttyUSB2 to send AT commands to the modem, and configure the modem settings. I also get an enp0xx network interface on the PC, which is connected to usb0 within the wp7502. I can successfully connect the wp7502 to the internet and get a public ip on rmnet0 within the wp7502. On enp0xx i get an address.

Is it possible to bypass the linux within wp7502 alltogether, so i can control the modem via AT commands from the host PC, connect it to the internet, and get the connection directly on the PCs enp0xx network interface? So, to make it work as a classic USB modem, where the PC gets the public IP address, and connects directly to the internet via modem.


I believe it’s possible, but I have never tried it myself. You might have better luck asking this type of question on the WP module forum


I am also looking for the same, however, there is no info available (even on wp forum). Seems ligato or qmi is the only way to access the hardware. Any leads would be helpful.