Is it possible to support NFC P2P communication?

Our customer would like to perform the following specification system using WP7702 module.
MangOH yellow have NFC IC. So, our customer want to design their board based on MangOH yellow board. But I do not know whether WP7702 mangOH (Legato) can support our customer requirement. Could you please advise whether WP7702 with mangOH (Legato) can support the following function or not.
-Control GPIO (button x 3 and LED 3)
-Receive data from external sensor from UART
-Send data via LTE or NFC
-NFC is type-F and need P2P communication (I think that mangOH yellow support only Type-A/B)

you might see here for the LED discussion:

You also need to see the schematic of mangoh board:

For UART, you can see here:

For NFC type, you need to check datasheet:

You can see here for successful case of other user on NFC:

Thanks for your quick reply.
Regarding NFC, I already checked this case. But this is NFC read function from tag.
Our customer would like to use P2P communication with NFC like smartphone. Can WP7702 work P2P communication with NFC as WP7702 performance?

I am not expert of NFC, you need to see the datasheet:

But it seems this is passive action: