IoT CAN driver with WP76


Hello all

Is it any progress to implement IoT CAN driver with the WP76 ?

I use wP8548 but I would like to move to WP7607 and CAN is required for my application. In the past I try to add support for IoT CAN card but the spi won’t work.

@asyal ??



Yes, we have figured this out. We can describe what needs to be done on a hangout as long as it is understood that the final easy way will be pushed to a legato release later


Yes thank. I have downloaded the latest yocto build ( firmware R9) to add FDTI usb serial support. It will be good to start with this firmware.

If you remind to add ftdi serial support in standard for WP76/WP77 (done with the WP8548) because we must rebuilt the yocto distro on each firmware update and this take time and place on the Linux VM.




Any update on this topic ? I’m in progress to test WP7603 for US market and CAN is required for this application. I will receive sample asap and I would like to send a system to US for test. My application work with WP8548 and Talon IoT card but we would like to start with WP7603 for US.



We plan to do a hangout on this on July 17,
But will be able to send you something next week


Yes if you can. I have experience with Wp8548 to modify the Linux distro.
Added the MCP2541 and CAN layer is not a problem for me.

I think a patch is needded for the WP76. I use the Mangoh Red board.



@asyal any progress on this topic ?

It’s now criticial for me because my system WP8548 seems to have prolem with 3G connection in US (3G cover) and I must move to WP7603.



here you go.



Is it possible to have the modification for the mangOH.sdef to add build for the can driver

In kernelModules section I think we must add something like that:



Hello Francis,

Did you have success making the CAN work on the WP7603? I’ve followed the two videos they posted on Youtube and the article (what Asyal sent on his last post) and I’m still not able to bring up the can0 interface.


Hello @Kim

I used the latest VM with legato 18.05.1

Just uncomment into mangoh.sdef file and build

Do you have started the .sh to load the driver ?


I’ll try tonight the 18.05.1, because what i’ve done it’s to update straight from 18.03.1 to 18.06.1.

Yes, i’ve used the .sh file to start it and that where it give me the “can0 interface not found”

Is it normal that even if the driver is not loaded the Card Detected LED (under the mangOH) doesn’t light up when I Insert the CAN board ?


Yes LED CARD detect is off and my CAN bus is working.

On the mangoh.sdef don’t forget to comment the last line:



I’ve get it working but it not seem to be the legato version that was problematic. I had to reflash the firmware R9 ( it was already to R9) and it started working.

I don’t know what was the real problem but at least it solved !

Thanks for the input Francis !


Good news. If you want some source code I can help you.