Io_interface.h: No such file or directory

Error on make yellow_wp77xx:

In file included from /home/paul/myWorkspace/mangOH/build/yellow_wp77xx/api/7247cd125be08c2cfccd14ed9ee8d163/client/dhubAdmin_client.c:10:0:
/home/paul/myWorkspace/mangOH/build/yellow_wp77xx/api/7247cd125be08c2cfccd14ed9ee8d163/client/dhubAdmin_interface.h:511:10: fatal error: io_interface.h: No such file or directory
 #include "io_interface.h"
compilation terminated.

The preceding .c and .h files were autogenned. Where is “io_interface.h” supposed to come from?

Edit: if I go to ./apps/DataHub and do mkapp -t wp77xx dataHub.adef the make succeeds and io_interface.h appears in a build subdirectory. But make yellow_wp77xx fails again, even though io_interface.h is still there.


Using the source tree fetched using “git clone --recursive git://” (as described in the build was successful.

It appears that using the “clone or download” green button on the mangOH Git web page gets an incomplete tree that will not build properly. Beware.