"Invalid Data Paths" Air Vantage Send command Error


Have anyone tried the sample app – “assetDataTutorial” - https://github.com/nhonchu/LegatoAssetData to use LWM2M exchange data from mangOH board to Air Vantage? Could someone provide some help with the Air Vantage configuration: “settings” and “command” asset?

I could not find where I can set the “targetTemperature” from the Air Vantage GUI.
I found the “send command” widget, but it runs into error message “Invalid Data Path”.

legato version: 16.10.2
From AV GUI, I am able to see the data update (temperature and status) and I also can start and stop the application.

Thank you!

This is my “send command” configuration and error message in Air Vantage.


“Send command” issue is not solved yet but got an answer for the settings.

I found the answer for configuring the “settings” for the app. Under “System Applications” widget, select the app “assetDataTutorial”. The “View configuration” page is launched and then select the pen icon (Edit) on the top right to change the “TargetTemperature” value.

AirVantage: View Data from Multiple Asset Instances - how?

I’m also seeing that ‘invalid data paths’ error with the same demo app.

Any update on what it means and how to fix it?


No. no fix for it yet…