Internet Access with Mangoh Red over PC

In my current configuration I have WP7502 over MangohRed board and a 4G sim. It is connected to my PC via CF3 USB. I have QMI drivers and Sdk configured on Ubuntu. Upon connecting I get qcqmi0 and 4 ttyUSB[n] for this board. My system gets an ip of and I can login as a root to the board via
I use legato command: “cm data connect” in mangoh red shell to turn on the data connection. Internet Ping via WP works fine.
My question is, how to access the internet of mangoh board from my PC (like a 4g modem)?

you should follow the Getting starting guide

The info I am looking for is not available in getting started guide, else I wouldn’t have posted it in forum. :pensive:

In short, I want to tether share LTE connection from mangoh red to ubuntu. I dont know how to do it because of the complexity with Legato, Yocto, Firmware and god know what. This board and toolchain concept sucks.

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basically, you want to route cellular data back and forth to your pc.

Just to be clear this is more a linux network routing issue and not anything related to the platform itself.
We have investigated routing data to ethernet port here: Routing Ethernet to 3g/4g

You can start by looking there or goto other forums like (

However, if that didnt work we will work on this and get back to you. Your frustration is understandable but a bit of looking around is needed for these kind of questions.

Sorry Asyal, if things were more properly documented, and a editable wiki existed, things like this, or even a how to created where we could add snippets of how do i do this… it would be helpful, instead of making us hunt around for hours, even like my recent post about simply adding a layer … i know its a new board, and things are moving forward, but even the documented forums posts lead to examples that dont exist or are no longer even there. So yes I agree with the user, it is quite frustrating, you are correct it is a simple linux networking trick, and if thats true then WHY hasnt someone properly just added it to a HOWTO, ive seen the same question like 5 times… Sorry but even i am quite a bit frustrated, just trying to figure out how to simply add a layer…


@dingo we have listened to your particular request for the HOWTO section that you requested a while ago and have been working to provide it.

The website is currently undergoing some big changes in the background that will become visible through the next few weeks/months. We plan to provide these as rolling changes.

However, we cannot provide instructions for every single question asked here (simply not possible) and if users like you will blog on the HOWTO section that we are creating or externally then it will make the live of everyone easier. The only way to build a community is when everyone contributes.

Note that we are doing Google live events every month going forward and that is also an opportunity to interact with us and provide insights into what features you want us to provide going forward.


@niteshbhatia008 did you ever get this to work? Or did you want us to post it the solution on our GitHub wiki page?

@asyal hi, thanks for the links.
I tried the interface forwarding but so far it is not working.
If I log-in to mangoh red and connect data, I can ping internet. But from a ubuntu the requests are not getting forwarded. Btw, I get usb0 as ip interface and not eth0.
A solution would be helpful.

We will post a wiki page on this as well as an app on this next week.

@niteshbhatia008 please follow this wiki page: Setting up MangOH Red Gateway

@asyal i saw the example on routing via LAN port. Is routing via CF3 USB feasible to a linux host?

linux box <-----USB—> mangOH red <–cellular—> cell tower

yes. it is possible. We will update the doc

Perfect! Where will I be able to find it?

Also, I am trying to use it with a raspberry pi instead of a Ubuntu VM. Do you know what are the packages to be installed in order for mangOH to show up as a network interface like what is done in the getting started guide?

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