Interface function not found in legato sample code

The gpsApp in my leaf profile 023 calls the le_dcs_GetList which is not part of ithe interface as per the latest le_dcs interface documentation.

This results in an error while making the app for the wp77xx, the compiler thinks it is a in implicit function declaration but the truth is that is not part of the api in my local repos.

Before starting figuring out how to implement the failing functionality: am I using the right interface version or is there an updated code to use? How to pull the latest tag if my profile has not done it already? Am I on the right track?

Thank you,
Marc Farssac

It looks like the Legato project has broken one of their own sample apps when they updated their Data Connection Service API. You could try asking on the Legato forum to see if they have a solution for you.

Thanks Jchitty, that confirms my guess. In the meantime I think I found a workaround. I am seeing if calling le_dcs_GetChannels and handling the channel list query results’ in a callback function solves my needs, like this:

  static void ClientChannelQueryHandler
    le_result result,                       ///< [IN] Result of the query
    const le_dcs_ChannelInfo_t *channelList,  ///< [IN] Channel list returned
    size_t channelListSize,                   ///< [IN] Channel list's size
    void *contextPtr                          ///< [IN] Associated user context pointer
    uint16_t i;

    LE_INFO("Received channel query result %d, channel list size %d", result, channelListSize);

    if (channelListSize == 0)

    for (i = 0; i < channelListSize; i++)
        LE_INFO("Available channel #%d: name %s from technology %d, state %d, reference %p",
                i + 1, channelList[i].name, channelList[i].technology, channelList[i].state,

Noticed the same thing. A working DCS example would be great as I am trying to replace the le_data interface but I do get some errors from dcsDaemon even tho my connection works.

Mar 17 11:54:59 swi-mdm9x28-wp Legato: INFO | dcsDaemon[903]/dcsDaemon T=main | dcsTechRank.c dcsTechRank_SelectDataChannel() 220 | Selected channel name 1
Mar 17 11:54:59 swi-mdm9x28-wp user.err Legato: =ERR= | dcsDaemon[903]/dcs T=main | dcs.c le_dcs_AddEventHandler() 614 | Failed to proceed with null session reference
Mar 17 11:54:59 swi-mdm9x28-wp user.err Legato: =ERR= | dcsDaemon[903]/dcsDaemon T=main | dcsServer.c TryStartTechSession() 1089 | Failed to add event handler for channel 1 of technology 1
Mar 17 11:54:59 swi-mdm9x28-wp Legato: INFO | dcsDaemon[903]/dcsDaemon T=main | dcsServer.c UpdateTechnologyStatus() 1040 | Technology retry to connect will happen after 512 sec