Install System bundle from airvantage



I have created a custom system bundle (.update @ 3MB) with mksys and can install this with instsys but I want to update my devices form airvantage. I’m using Legato 17.11/18.01/18.02

I have created an airvantage package with av-pack but I’m not sure how to edit the (legato docs call it and the public systems have a Maybe the name is irrelevant?
(The docs seem outdated

Have looked at the public “WP8548 (Generic) Release 15” bundle but that is a 55MB big .spk file with a file and I can install it with the “Install bundle” button.

Managed to upload my bundle and start download but it failes to install on my device.
Tried changing the line "application-manager use=“LWM2M_LEGATO_BUNDLE” " in my to "application-manager use=“LWM2M_AIRPRIME_BUNDLE” " but it still failes.

Anybody got this working?
Installing/updating a single app works.