Install Linux QMI SDK Software



I have a Mangoh Green WP7702 and Id like to update my Linux QMI SDK Software, Ive downloaded from here, but I didn`t get what would be my next step.



Hi Daniel,
Are you using WP7702 as modem for your Linux PC?
Have you install the Linux driver? and QMI SDK able to run and detect WP7702?

The application developer guide may provide you more info:,-d-,26/




No, but I´m able to use it as a modem. Yes, I have installed the linux drivers and the Linux VM does recognize my device. However, my device (WP7702) does not recognize /dev/ttyUSB0 and since I´ve tried some stuffs, I though that aybe I could update the Linux distro. I´m looking the link you provided, trying to figure it out how to update it.