Instability of the system after installing WP8548



I worked with a WP7702 module last weeks, and I moved recently to a WP8548.
I update the firmware and download the driver for this module.

After changing the module, I tried to install and lauch an app but I encounter different issues :

  • I connect to the mangOH red with the command “ssh root@”, and when I try to install an existing and working app ( Hello World ), I’m disconnected before being able to start the app

  • when I install an app on my device, the app is not saved on the device after a disconnection or when the card is power off

  • I got the following error when I install an app " Asset model for app name/0 is not found " , and then I’m disconnected of the mangOH.

So I tried to replace the WP77 module and everything comes back normal.

Do you have any idea of the origin of the problem and/or a solution ?

Thank in advance


After replugging the WP8548, I cannot connect via ssh or ping the mangOH Red in any way