Incompatible footprint HL7800 and mangOH Green. How?

I am prototyping and found that mangohGreen is unable to accomodate smaller-footprint HL7800. I am completely confused:

    mangOH Green connects to any 2G, 3G or 4G LTE mobile networks in the world with the CF3 based wireless modules from Sierra Wireless.

    the AirPrime HL7800 and HL7800-M modules belong to the Common Flexible Form Factor (CF3) family of modules.

My HL7800 is only 12x14mm large and does not fit the socket (is much too small, however the layout of central pins matches). Datasheet says there is only one footprint version. So how come they are incompatible?

use this
it will solve your HL78 incompatibility issue.

Thank you very much, that should be it :slight_smile: