Including VoiceCallApp.sdef in red.sdef


I am currently working on mangOH Red with wp76xx.
I am trying to include voiceCallApp.sdef in my red.sdef to be abble to run this application with all my others applications but when I build my system with “make red_spk” it only build things from voiceCallApp.sdef.
I need to include voiceCallApp.sdef in my red.sdef because I need to use in voiceCallApp one of my api that comes from another app.
Can you plz help me to understand why my red.sdef is only building my voiceCallApp?

you can try first “make red_wp76xx” and see if the image can be built and run correctly.
After that you can copy your appliation inside voicecallApp.sdef to red.sdef and build again.

I have already tried to build the image and it run correctly but when i include the voiceCallApp.sdef in my red.sdef as shared.sdef it doesn’t build all my others applications from red.sdef like it only build voiceCallApp.sdef and shared.sdef

then you can import the stuff in voiceCall.sdef part by part in red.sdef and see if it works.

I think that the problem comes from another thing because i tried to re-flash the mangoh with red.sdef without voiceCallApp and after the installation of the update nothing has changed, It looks like my mangOH doesn’t accept any flash anymore. I don’t understand why.

I had a similar issue with my mangoh yellow. I overcame the problem by finding out that if before I run make yellow_wp76xx (or make red_wp76xx), i run ‘make clean’, then I get a full update file each and every time. Then one step further after the update completes, I usually type ‘reboot’ into the mangoh command line to ensure it comes up clean again. Then I perform validation.