I2C Mutiplexer on WP7702 custom board

dont know if this is the right forum at my point of work…
We realized a custom board (prototype) starting from mangoh open hardware, so this is very close to the original product.
On mangoh i see that i2c is multiplexed during boot and i have this devices under
i2c-4 i2c-5 i2c-6 i2c-7 i2c-8
On our board this multiplexing is not executed (DMESG) so I miss BMI160.
I used same firmware (legato-19.11.5.cwe, WP77xx_Release14.1_GENERIC_GCF_PTCRB.spk and yellow.wp77xx.update), so I’m sure the software part is ok… at least I hope…
But on custom board something is missing… no accel first.
Maybe the software makes some choices asking system what board it’s running on? … in this case not finding a Yellow … it stops loading parts of drivers it need. Again, we used same schemas… so our hardware is so near to yellow.


errata corrige: our engeenering removed the multiplexer (physically). Now i have to bypass it if i want to talk with bmi160… any hint appreciated.