I2C crashes when I use Gyroscope


I use gyroscope on mangOH green. I read G-force every 1sec. After 3-5min I could not read values. After digging to find a reason of the behaviour, I have noticed mangOH has not detected I2C addresses. I dont use FIFO. Has someone experience the same problem? I use WP8548 processor.


Update - I run gyroscope and other I2C device in other process. I think I2C is not thread safe. Am I correct?


Hi…I use I2C to communicate with DOF6 ITG3200/ADXL345.Also arduino should drive single brushed motor.When motor is disconnected, everything is ok, but when I power the motor, arduino hangs during few seconds.I discovered that I2C protocol freezes.Tried pullup resistors, capacitors for power filtering, nothing helps.

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