I2C access to a IOT board


Hi to all,

I use the mangOH (DV3) with a WP8548 and the Legato package for WP85xx (16.1.0.wp85-native-x86…).
I’d like to access to a sensor with I2C interface by using a IOT breakout board. I have some questions about it:

  1. Is there an legato API or include files or similar things for the IOT boards?
  2. Is it really necessary to use an EEPROM on the IOT board?
  3. Is there samples code to use the I2C interface in the described constellation?
  4. Is there documentations, notes etc. about this topic (I’ve found nothing on this topic.)?

Thanks in advance.
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Hi Hein,
Please see reponse as below:

  1. We are working through the IoT board framework that we plan to release by end of June/early framework that will allow you to identify the board (using EEPROM), load the driver for the board etc.)
  2. Its not mandatory but will help in loading drivers, identifying IoT modules etc.
  3. Please goto github.com/mangOH,. You will see lot of source code there.the GPIO expander uses I2C code.
    A couple of notes:
    a. You can download the github repo (use the readme in the manifest file)
    b. Build the system, goto mangOH/legato and run "make wp85"
    c. go to mangOH/legato/build/wp85 and run "instsys system.update.wp85
    This way you can get all these files on your target.
    B. You can also look at some other source code here using i2c: https://github.com/johnofleek/legatoExamples
  4. See above


Hi Ashish,
thanks so lot!!
I will have a look at the github and try my lucky!
Best regards