How to Wake Up from deep sleep

I am playing with MangOH RED, with HL7800.
FW: SV:08

I am able to go in deep sleep mode (AT+KSLEEP=0,2,0):
-PSM rock bottom around 36µA (I guess deep sleep)
-eDRX rock bottom 113µA (I guess light sleep)

If I open the COM port , it starts to accept input only at beginning and end of a Tracking Area Update procedure (so latency could be very long).
Is there any other way to wake up the UE when in Deep Sleep mode, and send data (+KUDPSND, +KTCPSND)?

how about using the WAKE_UP pin?

Thank you,
I would prefer to avoid to use extra HW to handle additional signals.
Pls, do you confirm it is impossible using only UARTs?

thanks in advance

Suggest you download the AirPrime_HL7800_Low_Power_Modes_Application_Note_Rev2_0.pdf.

I believe Sms and ip reception will also wake the module up.