How to use the ADC in an app?


I don’t see an example of using the ADC in the samples provided in developer studio.

If I just add a call to le_adc_ReadValue() into a ‘Hello World’ example, I get:

implicit declaration of function ‘le_adc_ReadValue’

If I #include “le_adc_interface.h”, I get:

fatal error: le_adc_interface.h: No such file or directory

So what is the correct process to add ADC access to a developer studio project?

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I tried adding


in the Component.cdef


		timerhello.timerHelloComponent.le_adc -> modemService.le_adc

in timerHello.adef

The compiler could then find the header OK, but complained about “incompatible types” for the 1st argument of le_adc_ReadValue().

The documentation say:

le_result_t 	le_adc_ReadValue (const char *adcName, int32_t *adcValuePtr)

But the actual definition is:

le_result_t le_adc_ReadValue( le_adc_AdcChannelInput_t adcChannel, int32_t* adcValuePtr)

So, instead of “EXT_ADC1” (as a string) as the documentation suggests, I tried LE_ADC_EXT_ADC1 instead.

This builds OK, but le_adc_ReadValue() returns -6:

LE_FAULT = -6,              ///< Unspecified internal error.

I see the following in th Legato Console:

Legato | modemDaemon[652]/le_pa T=main | swiQmi.c swiQmi_OEMCheckResponseCode() 729 | Sending QMI_SWI_M2M_ADC_READ_RESP_V01 failed: rc=0, resp.result=1.[0x01], resp.error=48.[0x30]
Legato | modemDaemon[652]/le_pa T=main | pa_adc_qmi.c pa_adc_ReadValue() 86 | Failed to read adc channel 1


It seems that the ADC access was known not to work in this Firmware version.
(16.04.0 is required)

It would have been helpful if the documentation had stated that!


and also required a developer studio update to 4.1 - and then installation of the 16.04.0 Package.

Having done the updates, le_adc_ReadValue() does, indeed, take a string as its first parameter.