How to Tell a Baseline Image vs an Overlay Image

Is there a way to tell from the command line if the Legato system is running from a Baseline image vs an Overlay image after the Overlay image has been marked good?

Ultimately I’m trying to determine if the image running on a module is running out of R/O or the R/W space, see below.

Hey Darren,

How did you flash the image? If I’m not mistaken, the only way to get your system image into read only memory is using fwupdate, swiflash, or an over the air firmware update (with your system update concatenated into a .spk image). If you install apps or .update bundles over local micro USB it’s likely an overlay.

In terms of inspecting this, have a look here: You should be able to figure out what’s overlay and what’s read only by inspecting (ls -la) /mnt/flash/legato (read only) and /legato (overlay).

I’ve seen a lot of system images installed as overlays get rolled back due to some hardware failure (usually kernel driver failure). Is this by chance the behaviour you’re trying to prevent?

Happy hacking,


Yes we have seen evidence of this and I was looking for an easy way to tell. Speaking of this if you see links to /mnt/legato when you do a ls -al /legato/systems/current then a baseline image is running.