How to start WIFI function on MangOH yellow (wp7607))

I refer to “4119378_mangOH-Green-Tutorial-Wi-Fi_r1.pdf” to start the wifi AP
But it returned an error at startup
ERROR: le_wifiAp_Start returns -6.

The operation is as follows:

system information (I tried to update fw. R13 and R16, but both can not start WIFI)

Another problem is that we have used murata wifi module SP-KL1DX-U(chipset: cyw43430) to replace the wifi module on mangoh yellow. The interfaces are all sdio. Do I need to perform any further steps after inserting the driver module?
(Because the device node was not found after insert module)

Recently, there are many problems in the use of mangoh, thank you very much for your help

Are you using Talon WIFI card?

I don’t see problem with this WIFI IOT card with mangoh red board, you can see the command here:

Other user makes it work on mangoh yellow with standard yellow software:

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