How to start settip up MangOH yellow card

Hello guys, I’m new to using a yellow mangoOh board. I just bought it, and I’ve just started setting it up from scratch using the manual at mangOH Yellow Getting Started Guide [Rev4]

However, I’m encountering an error when I reach the section on “Install Leaf and Build mangOH Software.” It’s telling me that the address -O /tmp/leaf_latest.deb && sudo apt install /tmp/leaf_latest.deb doesn’t exist. What can I do? How can I proceed from here?

i am using windows 10 to set up it.

I suggest you to use linux enviroment to set up the leaf tool

Oh thnask for your advice, i will try it. However, when i finisfhed the starting set up, how can i continue untill to see the dat of the integrated sensors in my platform? i usually use Node Red

Are you going to use Octave?

BTW, what is node red?

I prefer not to use, is it necesary to use it?

Node-RED is a flow-based development tool for visual programming to connect hardware devices, APIs and online services as part of the Internet of Things. It is very intuitive and very useful

if you are not using octave, you can try these pre-built binary: ( you can get the following by “leaf search”)

Here is some sample code for mangoh board:

ok thank you, and if i use Octave? could be easier?

you can see here: