How to solve error while building mangoH red board for wp7700 module?


I am getting this error after running “make red_wp77xx” command from mangoH root directory.
I have attached snap shot of the error.


I think that problem is that you’re probably building against a Legato version older than 18.05.1.


Yes right,
I was building legato version 18.04.
Can we solve it by building version 18.05.01 ?



Yes git clone new mangoh repo and legato 18.05.1.



Thank you Francis,
But as I remember, I did not find *18.05.01.xml link in Git hub.
So you are telling be same way to clone mangoH repo from GitHub or Anything different ?


I think is 18.05.1.xml :slight_smile:


Do you use the Linux VM provide by the team ?