How to recover target on WP7702 module

Customer set “Enable password-based authentication” at SSH setting by mistake.
Then, customer cannot login WP7702 module by SSH because customer did not set “Enable password-based authentication”.
Customer would like to recover SSH login information again.

To recover WP7702, customer did “swiflash -m “wp77xx” -r” command but customer saw “callback status 59399DONE ERROR”.
When customer send “swiflash -m “wp77xx” -i “xxx.spk”” command, there is not any error.

Customer already installed SWI driver. Please advise good recovery process for SSH information.

please see here:

Thanks. But we cannot enter WP7702 module by SSH. How to recovery it without FW downgrade.
Note: Current FW version is for WP7702.

option 1:you can use UART console
option 2: FW downgrade or swiflash does not need SSH.