How to go to deep sleep and wake up

I’m developing an application with WP7605.

I am trying to to to deep sleep mode and wake up when data packet recieved.
Please let me know how to wake up using legato API.

When you say sleep mode, are you saying usb selective suspend mode or psm mode or edrx mode or ulpm mode?

I think psm mode.
I want to control by software (Active to PSM and PSM to Active) .

Seems you need to use edrx mode if you want to wake up from ip packet

Product technical specification says network cannot reach module during PSM dormant mode.


Thanks for your reply.
So , Can I get sample codes about how to wake up using by edrx mode?

the wake up process is automatically done.

You can set up a TCP server with public IP address and first make sure it can receive TCP packet.

Then start eDRX mode, after that send a IP packet to the module and see if it can receive.

I comfirmed suspend entry .
And then , suspend exit while TCP packet recieving.
Thank you!