How to generate 32KHz sleep clock

I’m looking for instructions how to generate 32.768Khz sleep clock from WP7607/WP7611 modules. We need it as part of our Bluetooth companion module power up process. By default it does not exist and I cannot find any API for it in AT commands or Legato. Also once generated , will it be available while in USB_SS mode or only in active mode?

Not sure if this helps you by generating PWM signal by GPIO pin, you can give a try:


So pin 23 generates a 32KHz square wave while the unit is powered, it is available as long as the unit is in ULPM (so effectively off). So if you are using the unit in sleep mode (at+ksleep) it will still be there, the USB_SS is not really a ‘mode’ of the unit as this just applies to the USB bus, not the unit as a whole. If you don’t have USB connected (like I have tested it with) then USB is not part of the discussion.

Does that answer the question?



Yes, thanks. I successfully reproduced it on MangoH Green. Now I have a different related question - if I prefer that module will boot with this clock is off , is it doable to disable it on a Kernel level? Can you give an instructions? Then I wish to add some API command to enable it prior enabling our WIFI companion - is it true that since it is not part of general AT commands interface , then it cannot be supported?