How to disable diagnostic messages in Linux Console (UART2)

Hi Everyone,
I have a custom board running a WP7702 and connected up a MM232R to the UART2. I have the Linux console working fine (AT!MAPUART? = 17,16).

The only issue is that I’m getting diagnostic messages coming from the modem which gets mixed in with my console. Is there a way to disable the output from the modem please?

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you can use SSH through USB ECM interface.
In that terminal, you won’t receive such message.

Thanks, so this is normal behaviour?
I can SSH through the USB ECM already, but I was looking at using the UART for Bluetooth connectivity in the future.

yes, you can ignore those message.
If you use the UART for bluetooth connectivity, then you won’t configure it as UART console in AT!MAPUART, right?