How to create a folder in the root directory

Due to the requirements of the transplantation project, it is necessary to create a folder (e.g. /porject/) in the root directory, but it seems that it cannot be created directly. How do I create a folder in the root directory?

Does this help?

You can also have a look on this:

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Just make a test, I can successfully make a /test folder by rebuilding WP76 R16 yocto source.

  1. open the following files

  2. just copy what is done in that file for FLASH_MOUNTPOINT_LEGATO and do the same for your folder

root@swi-mdm9x28-wp:~# ls /
WEBSERVER  dev        legato     mnt        sbin       usr
bin        etc        lib        opt        sys        var
boot       firmware   linuxrc    proc       test
data       home       media      run        tmp
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