How to connect sim slot #2 (micro sim) to secondary CF3 slot?


HI all,

The default connection is that sim #2 is connected to primary CF3’s uim2. But now I need to connect sim #2 to secondary CF3 because only the chip on this slot supports the RAT of my sim. How can I do this?

I read in the DV4 that it can be done by wither API command and hardware modification. I know the hardware method has to be done by un-soldering and soldering the tiny resistor. Thus the API command way is more suitable for me. But how can I access the pins on the GPIO expander when I code? I need to access the GPIO expander because the UIM signal is located at expander 2’s I/O_6 and 7.


Using a secondary cf3 module

You need to control U906_I07
You will need to use gpioExpanderServiceGreen to do so.
An example of using this service is here

Your binding would be:
yourApp.yourAppComponent.mangoh_simGpio -> gpioExpanderServiceGreen.mangoh_gpioExp2Pin7


Thank you very much. I used the binding syntax that you mentioned, but when I run my app (a very simple one seeing whether the pin is output or not), it shows that the binding is missing as shown below:

Well I’m new to legato and mangoh so do I have to build the gpioExpanderServiceGreen service on the target(the mangoh board)?


Besides, I also noticed that when the interface instance name that I specified in .adef is too long, after the app is started, a log message shows as follows:

Jan 6 00:56:04 | UNKNOWN[8235]/framework T=main | LE_FILENAME le_ref_CreateMap() 149 | Map name ‘refmangoh_simGPIO_ClientHandlers’ truncated to ‘refmangoh_simGPIO_ClientHandler’.

Is it normal? Do I need additional care on this issue?