How to connect MangOH Green to AWS

I want to connect my mangOH board to AWS IoT. Please help me!!!

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Please be specific with your questions and someone might be able to help you.

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I would like to collect sensor data such as temperature, humidity,… from MangOH Green Board and send them to AWS IoT without going through Airvantage cloud.

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I understand what you’re trying to do, but you’re going to have to make an attempt to do it yourself and then report back when you have problems.

Maybe start by trying to get the SDK installed on the mangOH?

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Hi ltcong.iot don’t expect any help from here in this as I have not found anyone who has achieved this. I asked this question a couple of months ago. The problem is that the framework is closed and too tied with SW platform. However it is possible if you can get a client server data connection. Its all I need to say. You then have to get this working with legacy applications. It took me a month to figure this out. If you can work that out then the rest is easy. Just download the AWS IoT SDK in C and work through the samples. get yourself a demo account on AWS IoT and see your connections.


The below application might help, it says mangoh red but there is effectively no difference, especially with the connectivity side of things.



@mlw: The project you linked to connects AirVantage and AWS rather than connecting the mangOH directly to AWS. It might be a useful alternative, but it’s a bit different from what @ltcong.iot was asking for.

Good point….well made. Oh well hopefully it will point him in the right direction at least. I am surprised the team in Toulouse have not done something for our AV server.

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Itcong.iot - it looks like I’m a year behind you.

Were you able to accomplish this (is a SW device suitable for this, being that it’s focused on AirVantage, ie it was a major effort) and can you guide me to the steps necessary?

Appreciate your insight and experience.

Thanks - mike

Can I follow the same steps for the managed AWS server. As, I want to connect MangOH Green board to the managed Amazon hosting. Unlike the conventional AWS server.

The framework is designed to support any kind of POSIX or Linux-specific programs you want to run. You are not forced to use Legato APIs and component-based development if you don’t want to. Also, the Legato framework is actually FOSS, under the MPLv2.0 license, available on GitHub, which doesn’t meet most definitions of “closed”.