How to connect Beaglebone Black to Internet using USB of mangOH red?



I wanted to access internet via mangOH red USB(CF3) on my beglebone black. I can verify that internet access via USB(CF3) port is possible when I checked it on windows and it works superbly. Can anyone guide me where should I start from?

I cannot detect the module upon connecting it(mangOH RED(WP7502)) beaglebone USB.

I could not install the driver provided at this link on my beaglebone black,-d-,34n2,-d-,53/


It seems a bit overkill to use a mangOH (or any WP) when you already have a full linux computer - the Beagle!


It would seem more appropriate to use something like this:



Thanks for the reply.

My requirement forces me to opt the CF3 USB from mango OH red(I cannot opt the cape in my project). So is cross compilation tool chain only way to build an use the QMI driver noted at this,-d-,34n2,-d-,53/

or is there any other way to access internet with USB from WP7502?