How to connect a Pressure sensor

Hello all,

For my school project, I need to connect a differential pressure sensor to my MangOH Red and send the data to my computer to be analyzed. Is it possible to connect the sensor directly to the board or do I need a Raspberry Pi shield?

Can you explain the use case? Why do you need a differential pressure sensor? Any reason not to use an absolute pressure sensor?

I am making a Pitot Tube, and need to measure the difference in stagnation pressure and static pressure in order to calculate the air speed. I plan to eventually attach this device to the outside of my car.

you can use the pi connector or the IoT card connector for that.

Does that mean I could use a jumper from the sensor to one of the pins on the pi connector?

yes, make sure the voltage levels are matched. That is the sensor can work at 3.3V like the Pi connector.

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