How to configuration to using PCM in IOT#0?


I can not see any documents talking about this? Can you help me? Thanks


Are you asking how to direct PCM to IoT#0 and not to audio codec?
If so, you can do that using the mux control tool.
Please follow the instructions on how to download from
Let me know if you run into issues.


Thank for your help
Yes, I want to using to derect PCM but now I don’t have seirra wp, I’m using the HL8548. Can I config or change the hardware board to do that?
I tried connect the CN601 but the logic voltage is too low (about 200mv).


you should be able to use CN602, it is a direct connection.Are you sending any AT command to activate your HL module for PCM? Usually PCM lines will be low unless you activate them.


Thank Asyal for quick supported

I thing the PCM directing connection is CN601. I tested the PCM by answer an calling. The clock, data, ck sync is seam ok . But I was measured the logic voltage by oscilloscope is very low (~200mv). What the other way disable the codec ic ?

I read document: Can I config the Mux1 via hardware?


You need to disable U910. So resistor R910 should be removed and try to pull PCM_EXP1_ENn to high (1.8V should be enough)