How to communicate with UART 1 ( WP8548 ) - Mangoh Red


Hi everybody,

I’m trying to use uart 1 about mangoh red. I have connected a FTDI serial cable to IOT boad expansion.
The pin are: 12 && 13

I want use this uart on Linux application. For try the communication I tried to use it like a console.
So I have use “uartMode set 1 console” .

When I reboot my system, I can see system logs. But I can’t interact with them.
I start microcom “microcom /dev/ttyHSL0 -s 115200”.
I can write from mangoh to PC but I receive nothing from PC to mangoh.

Maybe someone have already take this problem ?
I would be grateful if someone have a program example or a tutorial.

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The UART on the IoT connector is 1.8V. What FTDI cable are you using?
If the high threshold for the FTDI cable is below 1.8V, you can get away with a voltage divider on the TX.

I do this to communicate with a 3V device and a voltage divider with 2 10k resistors and everything works well, but if you can get the uart working on the RPi header that will be the easiest for you.

I had some serious issues with the uart on the RPi header, if you want to know what that looks like you can view my post history.


FTDI have 1.8V cables available:

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