How to call a mangoh app from another device

I need to connect the mangoh to a raspberry pi and call a mangoh app from the pi. USB and “ssh root@ app start helloWorld” would be great, but doesn’t work. What is the right way to do this?

Also tried putting a standard shell script on mangoh to call with ssh. No luck…

What did you see after “ssh root@” ?
Can you login to the mangoh board ?

That works fine. I’m trying to execute remote commands from a microcontroller over USB ssh. I’m assuming this will work via UART.

Then is the microcontroller over USB ssh work?

you can also see this document on how to SSH via UART2 of module:
How to connect Developer Studio via UART2 of module.docx (360.0 KB)

Before looking into the UART I’d like to try USB. If I write a script on a linux computer which ssh connects to Mangoh should I be able to execute “app start HelloWorld” from that same script? or is there another approach.

Have you tried that?

Got it running with the shell script over usb ssh. Thanks.
ssh root@ sh

I’d like to include “app start helloWorld” in the script. This runs when remoted into the Mangoh, but “app: not found” when called from remote device. Is there a syntax for a remote app call?
echo “Hello World”
app start helloWorld

how about using full path of “app”?