How to activate the GPIO's of mangOH?


Hi All,

I’d like to control the GPIO’s of mangOH.
So, I made a simple sample as below, and did connect the LED to GPIO8.

if( le_gpioPin8_SetPushPullOutput(LE_GPIOPIN8_ACTIVE_HIGH, true) != LE_OK)
    LE_INFO("Couldn't configure Pin8 as a push pull output\n");
    LE_INFO("Could configure Pin8 as a push pull output\n");

LE_INFO("Pin 8 is output = %s", le_gpioPin8_IsOutput()?"true":"false");
LE_INFO("Pin 8 is active = %s", le_gpioPin8_IsActive()?"true":"false");

But, the return value is false when I checked a activate.
How to activate the gpio pin?

Thanks in Advance,


There was an error of HW connection.
It’s works well now.