How is the WP8 firmware being flashed in the mangOH board?


I was wondering about the way the firmware is being flashed in the mangoh board.

I am thinking ahead for our production line, (our product is WP8 based) and I was wondering what is the best (or the only) way to flash our firmware inside the WP8 modules.



Hi yassin,

The exact process will vary a bit depending on the level of customization that you require. If for example all that you need to do is install a couple of Legato apps, then the easiest method is probably to instapp path/to/app.wp85.update" IP_OF_TARGET for all of your apps and then you are done. If you have a few more apps, it might make sense to customize the .sdef file of your system to add all of the apps and then use mksys to build the system and instsys build/wp85/system.wp85.update IP_OF_TARGET to transfer the Legato framework and your apps to the target.

The downside of both of these approaches is that you won’t be in control of what version of Legato Linux or modem firmware is installed on your device because it will be left as whatever it was when it was shipped to you. There is another type of file called .cwe which can update all of the parts of the system. I have been told that there is a tool for combining .cwe files together, but I don’t have any information on it today. If you had a tool like that, then you could construct a golden .cwe file by combining a known version of the modem and Linux .cwe files provided by Sierra Wireless with a Legato Framework .cwe file created by yourself. This would mean that you would have a complete understanding of the versions of the artifacts deployed into your product.

I have been told that the WP engineering team is working through some of the productization issues like this right now. I will make a note to update this forum thread when I can provide more detailed information on the process.