How I can recognize mangOH Yellow troubleshooting programming has begun

I have a question for “Troubleshooting” in “mangOH Yellow Getting Started Guide” (Rev 4, document number: 41113347).
“Troubleshooting” in the last page of the Guide says “Once programming has begun, move the TP1_BOOT DIP switch back to the OFF position.”
However I cannot recognize that the programming has begun.

Question: Could you tell me how to recognize that?

Example of answer: “the message XXXX means that the programming has begun.”
(I would like to get to know what XXXX above is.)

I tried to do the troubleshooting using mangOH Yellow with WP7605, but I cannot find the message which shows that the programming has begun, in the console on port “CON” or “USB”.

are you using FDT tool to program?

Once the tp1_boot pin is in ON position, module would always in download mode instead of normal mode to boot up

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Thank you four your advice.

I am using swiflash to program; I suppose swiflash is not FDT.

However I understood the DIP switch operation was not sufficient to recover firmware; I also programmed using the proper tool.

swiflash should be able to download FW when module in download mode.
But after that you need to switch TP1_boot pin to OFF position for normal boot.

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