How do I enable microSD card at power up


I have a WP85 in the MangOH Green running 16.10.4 firmware.

If the microSD card is inserted when the mangOH powers up, it allows me to manually mount the SD card… all works fine. I can unmount and unplug, then replug the card and mount, with no problems.

If the microSD card is NOT inserted at power up, I can insert the card, but it won’t allow me to mount the card.

Is there a series of commands that I can issue to allow mounting the card?
Which processes need to be running to allow this?

I notice on this page:

The following is the list of known issues that still exist in Legato 16.10.4 and are currently under investigation:
Legato AF
Not able to hot swap or hot plug SD IoT add-on cards

Is it related to this issue?


WP modules doesnt support the mechanism. Module will not detect a card inserted after power up.