How can i read data from integrated sensor

Hello, i would like to know how to read from my yellow board the data of the integrated sensor (for example the geolocation data or the humidity data). How can i do it?

See if this helps

Could be, thanks!!

how can put thoese files into my yellow board?
mkapp -t wp70 imu.adef?

and then app start imu ? after connecting via ssh?


Didn’t you use the prebuilt image?

i downloaded wp77xx .exe driver (not with octave) and i executed it. Do i need to do something else?

Then did you see the sensor driver running properly?

Where i can see if it is running the driver on my board? sorry i am very new here

See if there is any proper value in the path


i`ve made a cat in a few path and i see a value. But what i want is to take this value and send it to an external Ip or external Server

Then this answers your question on how to read from yellow board the data of the integrated sensor

You need to write an app to upload your data to your server

ok then, very greatfull ypur help. Thanks a lot!!

Do you know a sample app to do this?

what protocol are you using?
simple TCP transfer?

HTTP Post or MQTT, both are ok

you can see this for using curl on HTTP POST:

here is the mqtt sample app:

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sir here mqttsample.sdef is file not present should i create it if i create what content should i add to it

thanks in advance

how about this in WP76 R13.x?

thanks sir.
sir ‘mksys’ and ‘mkapp’ are both same are different as i am using leaf manager for development purpose,i have tried before both creating .update file, just asking which is better.

normally i just use mkapp for my development

In this case, you need to download two application:

  1. mqttPublisher.adef
  2. mqttSubscriber.adef

sir wright know i only need to read inbuilt sensor data of temperature ,accelerometer and humidity and no need to send that to mqtt for that any specific apis

thanks in advance