How can freeze my firmware on WP7607?

Hi all,

I found that power loss will affect partition to wipe.
How can I avoid this status?
e.g modify user0 partition?


What do you mean by “affect partition to wipe”?

Hi Jack,

This mean is that USER1 partition sometime will disappear at power loss.
I know that is recover to USER0 partition and how can I customer USER0 partition?


Do you mean the files in /home/root will disappear sometimes?
If so, will it restore later?


Yes, The wp7607 connect to battery that will occur the file to disappear sometimes.

I think that is the power loss and trigger recover status.
If I can modify user0 partition, maybe that is a solution for me.


In case the files are restored afterwards, then that means it is not flash corruption.
Btw, what do you mean by modify user0 partition?
Do you mean you want to mount again?

I found a solution that is use leaf shell command “leaf getsrc” to get linux source and build .cwe. The step can simulate copy user0 partition:

1.swiflash -m wp76xx -i xxxx.cwe
2.swiflash -m wp76xx -r

Finally, I can control “user0 partition” by myself.


oh! user0 partition mean is Baseline Legato System:

Sorry…Let you confuse