HL8548 on ManhOH Red



I’d like to use the HL8548 on my MangOH Red board, so I’ve put a HL8548 on my MangOH Red and are trying to communicate with it via the CF3 USB port.
On the multi-function switch I’ve selected HL-mode by switching 4 to ON and 8 to OFF.
Unfortunatelly this doesn’t work. On my Windows PC the USB of the HL8548 doesn’t enumerate. Nothing shows in the Device Manager (apart from the FTDI COM port if I also connect the Console USB port).
It doesn’t mather which USB port I select as power source.

I have the correct drivers for the HL8548 installed. If I put the same HL8548 on my HL Dev. Kit, it enumerates without any problems, so the drivers are working correctly…

The strange thing is, that when I put an HL7692 in my MangOH Red, this HL7692 does enumerate. So, the problem seems to be specific to the HL8548 and MangOH Red combination. If somebody can help me out here, I’d really appreciate it!


Can you check if this forum post answers your question