HL8548 on MangOH Yellow

Hello, I am trying to connect HL8548 and HL8548-G module with MangOH Yellow. After placing in snap-in socket and turning on the board, no LEDs are on and the module is not recognized by Windows. any thoughts? Thanks

I think mangoh board is not designed for HL module…

But I remember it works for me on mangoh red board for HL module (at least the USB port is OK).
You can double check if you place the HL8 module to the board correctly.

I checked and it is placed correctly. I also have mangoh red, but it is not recognised either. What exactly does console connection mean to CF3?

I remember it means nothing, if you need to use UART of HL module, you need to connect the UART1 in the IOT card slot in mangoh red board.

Hi @jyijyi

May I confirm is MangOH Yellow compatible with HL7845 module? Any reasons if MangOH Yellow is not compatible?

We should use HL78 DEV KIT_6001210?


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you should use HL78 dev kit.