HL7800 with MangOH Green and Red

Hi !
I have the following requirement:

I need to use and test the HL7800 conectivity using NB, by sending data to the cloud.
So I will like to use an Arduino to easy deploy some sensors and then, send data (temperature sensor, for example) to a third party Platform.

But, I also thought to use Mangoh Green and/or Red (I have both) to carry out this demo, because they have integrated sensors already in the board.
The problem is that these boards are made for WP series modules and I couldn’t find a clear user guide to set up the Mangohs for HL78 series.

– Which is the best board to carry out this Demo ?
– Is possible to use a HL7800 module in Mangoh Green and Red?

I didn’t find any user guide or information to make the proper connections…
– Which are the PINs to connect the Mangoh Red to an Arduino UNO?

As far as I know, the Mangoh Green has an Arduino Leonardo already integrated in the board, which connects to CF3 socket.
Should I follow this guide: https://github.com/mangOH/ArduinoBridge ??

Please if anyone had made this configuration before, I will be very thankful ! :slight_smile: