Help with Audio on MangOH Green

I have a linux application that uses ALSA for audio and am trying to get it to work on the MangOH Green. Any help is appreciated! I found one post from 2018 with a similar issue and nothing mentioned worked.

The issue I ran into is asound isn’t included in the cross compile sdk. I tried working around this by compiling my own version of library and while it built and the app loads on the board it can’t open the pcm stream. I looked at the yocto project and it includes a private precompiled version of ALSA but not the development library.

The questions are:
1)Is there a version of the firmware and sdk that includes asound?
2)The post I found regarding alsa mentions a USB dongle for audio, is this required?
3)If alsa is not possible, is there a sample audio app to test using the legato audio framework? If need be I can port the app to that framework.

You can see here where aplay , AT command or legato appcan be used to play audio