Hardware Certification - FCC/CE/IC PTCRB etc


Was delighted to hear at the Sierra Summit in paris that RED is now certified, could someone point me at the FCC grant notes and any other certs that are done. Was Cellular, Wifi and BLE certified ?
What enclosure was used or was it PCB only certification?
Also, we would be interested in the plans for PTCRB and Carrier approvals ?

Incorporating mangOH Red into a product - Approvals [EU]

FCC is for pcb level and includes wifi, BT and cellular. We will post documentation on mangoh.io by end of June.

We can investigate plans for PTCRB if enough community members bring this up.



sounds good Ashish,

Also, if we want to manufacture our own batch (with or without customisation or depop’s) and deal in higher volumes who should we talk to to get volume pricing and production? i.e. who manufactures them now and is that the recommended DFM partner?



Send me a private message through this forum and will take it from there


Do you have an update on this certifications? I can’t find anything on the mangoh forums. Thansk


Also interested in the certification status …