Gyroscope on mangOH red is inaccurate


I have just tested gyroscope on mnagOH red and I have got strange results.


G-force is always above 1g. Raw value from z-axis is 17000-18000. My setting on mangOH red ±2g, so calculation is [raw value] / 16384.0. Do I do something wrong or BMI160 gyroscope on mangOH red is very inaccurate?

mangOH green has got gyroscope LSM6DS3 and works fine.



Does it just need calibration?


Do you know how to calibrate the unit? I tried to do it, by using

My results stay the same. Have you got experience with this gyroscope?


I’m afraid no & no.

Isn’t the calibration process described in the device datasheet? Does the manufacturer have any Application Note(s) about it … ?


I have resolved it. I set up everything correctly, but I have forgotten enable the compensation. It works fine now.